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Women’s High Heels

High heels and Podiatry

Our female patients often worry that seeing a podiatrist is the end of their heel-wearing days or that they must give up wearing fashionable shoes. Women wear heels for confidence, comfort and aesthetic appeal. Men often do not understand that when a woman says her heels are more comfortable, sometimes they may not be lying ?


If wearing heels feels more comfortable there may be an underlying medical condition for example, ankle impingement or heel pain. These are often relieved with a pair of heels, as the ankle joint opens reducing stress on the bony structures.


Contrary to popular beliefs, podiatrists can help to support patients in wearing the footwear they want and leading the lifestyle they want to lead, while minimising joint deformity and pain.


Can I still be wearing heels and small dainty shoes?

Yes, this is dependent on your complaint, condition, and treatment needed.
If you are:


  1. Suffering from lower limb pain or discomfort
  2. Having biomechanical issues
  3. Wishing to prevent long term damage to your feet

Then shoes play a very important role in your recovery. You can always check with your Podiatrist for advice. Rest assured, podiatrists can help you maintain your lifestyle while being discomfort and pain free.


Upon diagnosis of your condition or pain, they will prescribe the patient with a treatment plan to resolve the pain in the short to mid-term. For long-term prevention, our podiatrists may place slim, customized foot orthotics into your heels to support and offload your feet. This allows you to continue wearing heels with minimal problems.


This is a comprehensive, tailored treatment plan in which our podiatrists are specialized in.




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