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Sports Taping

Sports tape is an effective tool in aiding the recovery of soft tissue or joint injuries. This type of treatment has many short-term benefits including:


  • Providing stability

Tape can be applied in such a way to stabilise a specific area, adding security and strength to weak or imbalanced structures. An example for use would be knee pain or unstable knees


  • Reducing stress and strain

The natural position of different foot postures can add stress on certain tendons and ligaments. For example, flat foot tends to put strain on the inside borders of the foot. Supporting the foot can relieve strain from this excessive pressure


  • Pain relief

Patients with conditions such as heel pain or plantar fasciitis often find a reduction in pain with this treatment as the forces acting upon the plantar fascia is temporarily diminished


  • Decompresses an area to reduce swelling

Acute injuries will cause increased inflammation and edema to the structure. Ankle sprains are often treated with sports tape as it aids in draining away blood and lymph fluid


  • Prevents fatigue

Tape provides a neuro-sensory response which helps to improve blood flow, delaying muscular fatigue

Two types of tape are most often used – rigid or kinesio tape. Both serving different purposes. Rigid taping effectively restricts motion in specific planes to prevent excessive motion; while kinesio tape is stretchable providing support while maintaining function.


Sports taping has proved to be an effective treatment in combination with ultrasound therapy or shockwave therapy. This modality is often used to treat conditions such as plantar heel pain, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, sesamoiditis, ankle sprains and more.




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