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Customised Sports Orthotics Designed for Athletes in Singapore

Sports orthoses

  • Enhance performance
  • Increase comfort
  • Prevent chronic injury
  • Reduce pain during the sport
  • Reduce soft tissue damage during the sport

Fully customised orthotics specific for sports

Whether you are a recreational enthusiast, gym bunny or sports fanatic, there can be foot orthotics designed specifically to suit your needs.


Injuries to the lower limbs will keep you out of sports for months at a time.  With or without foot pain in sports, you can still wear custom orthotics to give yourself long-term health benefits, better performance, more comfort and less joint damage in the feet and ankles.


Lower limb rotations from the arches collapsing can cause knee damage. Supporting and rehabilitating the arches of the foot can reduce excessive stresses on the knees.



The Need for Performance

Depending on the type of sports and use, orthotics can be robust and durable for everyday training, or lightweight and as thin as 1.5mm for optimum performance with use in competition or racing.

How can our sports-focused podiatry help you?

Runners often wish to run at their best, free from injury. Supporting the feet with appropriate footwear and orthotics reduces injury occurrence while preventing joint damage from alignment issues in the lower limb. Many runners come to the podiatrist as they are experiencing pain or lower limb damage, but this pain or damage can be prevented by wearing the correct orthotics in correlation to your running style.


Climbers/ Mountaineers (hiking)

Long hours of walking over uneven terrain can lead to all sorts of foot and ankle problems. These types of long-distance sports people should take their feet seriously, so as to avoid injury out in the wilderness. Stability under the foot is always needed, and would ensure that the sports person is well maintained from the foot upwards.



Cyclists often forget about their feet, but they are the direct interface between your body and the machine. If your feet are mal-aligned, your cycling efficiency will lower, resulting in muscle overuse and excessive joint loading. Pronated feet is only one type of mal-alignment.


For efficient cycling, cyclists should keep their foot in a more neutral position. Shoes alone may not be able to do this; placing customised footbeds into the shoes will maintain good feet function.

Basketball and Netball

These players participate in high-impact activity. Increased ground reaction forces and side-to-side pivots need a fully-customised orthotic to reduce the abnormal forces that are exerted during the sport which can lead to severe injuries.


Soccer / Football

Soccer players look to enhance performance, reduce pain and prevent injuries by wearing orthotics. With the tightness of the soccer cleats and the multi-directional nature of the sport, the orthotic must achieve a minimalistic, lightweight design with the support that addresses the foot concerns.


Rugby player’s orthotics are robust, strong designs that function in relation to not only the foot structure but also the sport they are playing. Many rugby players have untreated injuries which contribute to chronic lower leg problems.  Orthotics will accommodate this to allow for enhanced function and less pain.



These sportsmen may take only 4 steps from starting stance to final follow through, but these few steps are each critical and can make or break the game. If the sportsman is unbalanceed, posturally compensating, or has a history of foot/ ankle problems, the game will compromised. Custom orthotics adjust the foot structure to enhance the game.


Racket sports (tennis, badminton, squash)

These orthotics are completely different from normal orthotics and should not be worn outside of the court. The orthotics are designed specifically for side-to-side motion and sudden pivots. If you are participating in such sports, recreationally or competitively, you should be wearing orthotics to avoid long-term foot, ankle and knee problems which can lead to surgical reconstruction if injured or ignored.



Orthotics can be used for added stability and comfort for those long hours on the green. Golfing requires your feet to make specific mid-foot rotations resulting in 1st toe jamming during the game. Therefore we cater golf orthotics towards maximizing comfort and function, while reducing excessive joint degeneration. Golfer commonly require a highly specialized orthotic.



Fencing is a sport requiring precision footwork, with bursts of acceleration and deceleration. Underlying foot conditions should be addressed to stay light on the toes.



Dancers mostly dance on their forefoot leading to bunions, toe deformities, stress fractures, and various soft tissue injuries. Paediatric patients can benefit from orthotics inside their dance shoes to prevent “growing pains”; adults benefit from more accommodative orthotics which help them to continue dancing and reduce damage to the foot joints.


Ballet Dancers

From nail and soft tissue injuries to foot deformities and arch height issues, our specialist podiatrists can help you achieve the results you want to keep your feet dancing.


Circuit Training and Zumba

These are high-impact, fully-loading fitness routines; we see foot fractures, ligament injuries and tendon strain from these activities. Those participating in these high load-bearing exercises should see a podiatrist in order to prevent injuries and downtime. If lower limb pain occurs during (or after) performing these exercises, then a podiatrist should be sought out to evaluate and diagnose the concern.


Ice skating and skiing

Boots for these sports can often be made with a customized foot bed. If the boot provider does not have this service, then podiatrists are the best option. Our orthotics are designed to streamline your skating allowing you to function better and with less injuries to the lower legs; you are kept in correct alignment in relation to your lower limb concerns.


Tactical Orthotics designed by qualified Singapore sports podiatrists

Fully-customised medical-grade insoles for soldiers can be designed to help with flat feet, heel pain, ankle weakness, shin splints, knee pain and many other lower limb conditions.


The repetitive and often sudden increase in weight-bearing activities can often be too much for the any person, and moreso for new recruits in the field.  Watch this video about what soldiers may expect with regards to their feet and some treatment modalities.




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