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Our Podiatrist Team

Georgina Tay

Podiatrist Gina | East Coast Podiatry


Director & Head of Department

Acute Care Team at Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre

BSc. Hons. Salford (UK)

Member of U.K. Healthcare Professions Council and Podiatry Association of Singapore


From: England, United Kingdom

Spoken Languages: English, basic medical terms in Mandarin, Malay and Hokkien

Clinical Interests: Bunions, Sesamoiditis, Metatarsalgia, Paediatric Walking Disorders

Co-Consults at: Kembangan branch / Orchard branch / Novena branch



Georgina Callaghan-Tay is a Podiatrist from Warrington, North-West England, she is the co-founder of East Coast Podiatry and Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre. Georgina is a new mother who has settled down in Singapore as a Permanent Resident with her Singaporean husband and daughter.


Georgina came to Singapore in 2012 where she served as a Podiatrist at Singapore General Hospital then NHG Polyclinics, before settling down in Singapore and establishing East Coast Podiatry, pursuing her dream of starting a high quality podiatry service in private practice.


As Head of Department in East Coast Podiatry, Georgina oversees the clinical aspect of the ECP group practice with Dr. Michael Lai who was her former Principal Podiatrist and mentor from Singapore General Hospital. Georgina holds a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in the field of Podiatry from the University of Salford U.K. and is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Podiatric Surgery.


Georgina is a well-rounded practitioner who handles most of the cases that present in clinic. As HOD, Georgina is driven and obsessed with advancing podiatric standards in Singapore. She has a strong passion for paediatric and children with special needs cases. She also maintains a special interest in all generalized lower limb conditions including ingrown toenail surgery, arthritis, forefoot pain (bunions, sesamoiditis and 2nd metatarsal overload) and chronic musculoskeletal pains. As a co-founder of the Acute Care team at Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre, Georgina’s mandated mission is the salvage of diabetic limbs and help diabetic patients avoid amputations.



Georgina has worked with the U.K. National Health Services before moving to Singapore to serve in Singapore’s esteemed Singapore General Hospital, she has also worked within the community and primary care setting at National Healthcare Group of Polyclinics (NHGP), where she assisted in setting up and running the new high-risk lower limb services, and was active in public health awareness campaigns.


During her years in Singapore, she has gained ample experience with treating local common medical conditions. Georgina regularly treats patients with rheumatologic conditions, paediatric conditions, nail disorders, stress fractures, diabetic complications, and lower limb aches and pains. Georgina works closely with other health and medical specialists to ensure patients are treated promptly and sufficiently.


Georgina actively contributes to the profession through workshops, community events and writing articles for platforms including ‘Just Run Lah’ and ‘Asian Parent’. In private practice, Georgina continues her community work, leading her team to participate in pro-bono screenings and treatments for the less fortunate and including residents of nursing homes.


As a new mummy, her own baby amplifies her interest in paediatric cases, which is probably the reason why Georgina is a common favourite Podiatrist for many mummies in Singapore.


Georgina remains a licensed and registered member of the UK Health Professions Council (HCPC) and the Podiatry Association of Singapore (PAS).


Georgina has a vision of a world-class standard of lower extremity healthcare in Singapore through Podiatric Medicine. Since her days of service in hospitals, Georgina dreams of a day with no more leg, foot or toe amputations.

Michael Lai, DPM

Dr Michael Lai | East Coast Podiatry


Principal Podiatrist

Acute Care Team at Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, USA
Member of the Podiatry Association of Singapore


From: New York, USA
Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin
Clinical Interests: Lower Limb Biomechanics, Paediatric Foot Disorders, Diabetic Wounds

Consults at: Kembangan branch



Dr. Michael Lai is an American Podiatrist who received his surgical training as well as hospital residency in the United States. Dr. Lai received his doctorate from the prestigious New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 1999.


Dr. Lai is a highly-trained lower limb specialist who has worked in major hospitals in the USA, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Dr. Lai was the former Principal Podiatrist at Singapore General Hospital prior to joining the team at East Coast Podiatry.


As the Principal Podiatrist and Clinical Director, Dr. Lai now serves as the final clinical authority in deciphering and managing complex cases which enter East Coast Podiatry Centres. While in the USA, Dr. Lai has trained under luminaries in the field of podiatry such as Dr. Justin Wernick and Dr. Sheldon Langer, the founders of the industry pioneer Langer Biomechanics Inc. Dr. Lai has honed an intuitive clinical grasp of the myriad biomechanical conditions which can result in lower limb pain and dysfunction.


As a member of the acute care team at Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre, Dr. Lai brings to bear his years of experience working in various major hospitals and medical centres in the United States. He utilises the podiatric strategy of risk prevention and limb salvage to save diabetic patients from progressing to amputation.



Dr. Lai graduated as an American D.P.M. from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine in 1999 ( From 1999 to 2007, he worked and trained as a resident doctor in various major hospitals and clinic centres in the USA: The Foot Clinics of New York, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, St. Vincent’s Catholic Medial Centre, and the VA New Jersey Health Care System (federal medical centre serving American military veterans). He also trained in a surgical fellowship under distinguished podiatric professors at the Yale University School of Medicine.


Dr. Michael Lai served for 6 years as a Senior Podiatrist, and then Principal Podiatrist at Singapore General Hospital. He was active in patient care, the training of new podiatrists, and public health administrative duties such as the drafting and updating of official clinical protocols.


Dr. Lai was recognized for his public health service with multiple SGH service quality awards. He also appeared in TV and radio interviews, participated in professional education seminars and public health awareness campaigns. Among other events, he has lectured at the Singapore Expo (Footcare for Diabetic Elderly), the Inaugural International Orthopaedic Nursing Congress, the Supreme Court of Singapore, as well as written for the Straits Times on foot disorders.


“In the many years of my professional career as a doctor of the foot, I have seen too many children grow up with leg disorders that could have been prevented during their childhood. I believe that in Singapore, good education and awareness is the solution.”

Abdullah Sani Kamis

Sani - Podiatrist of East Coast Podiatry


Senior Podiatrist

MSc (UK), BSc (Hons) (UK), MFPM RCPS (Glasg)
Member of the U.K. Healthcare Professions Council, Podiatry Association of Singapore and Member of Faculty of Podiatric Medicine, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow)


From: Brunei
Specialisation:  Rheumatology
Clinical Interest: Arthritis of the Foot, Pediatric Foot Disorders

Spoken Languages: English, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia, Tagalog

Consults at: Orchard branch & Novena branch



Sani’s passionate for Podiatry stems from it being the forefront of today’s clinical excellence for foot studies, through his decade long of clinical training and research studies he continues to be intrigued by how techniques for treatment of the foot keeps advancing day by day. Sani is passionate about the clinical world today as it is adapting to latest trends in technology in ensuring effective and efficient delivery of care.



As a registered and licensed podiatrist, Sani spent over a decade in the UK gaining clinical and research experience in the areas of lower limb pathologies and specifically rheumatology.


During his early days of training as a podiatrist in the UK, he was fascinated by how intricate the structures and functions of the foot were. From learning anatomy through cadaveric dissections, it enabled him to understand the structures and functions of the foot in greater detail. In the final year of his undergraduate training, he was exposed to variety of conditions, from general podiatric conditions such as plantar fasciitis, to more complex cases related to wounds and other conditions associated with chronic underlying medical conditions such as diabetes and rheumatological problems. Most of the training were carried out within the UK NHS health service as well as private practice setting.


Sani has carried out several research activities such as investigating clinicians’ competency in analyzing quality of lower limb vascular status. A research that emphasizes more on the importance of healthy vascular status as it may affect a person’s overall health and well-being. Sani focused his research towards his clinical interest in rheumatology. His motivation is due to a lack of research in the care of people with foot problems associated with rheumatological conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Apart from rheumatoid arthritis, Sani is also actively looking into the management of gout as the condition seems to be on the rise as of late.



Sani’s clinical training in the UK started at the Leaf Hospital, Eastbourne, a town which is mainly an elderly population. During this time, Sani was exposed to various conditions that affect the feet of the older generations, and ways to manage complex underlying cases such as those with dependent conditions like Alzheimer and dementia.


Sani served in NHS clinical placements around the London area and the South-east of England including the University of London and the King’s Diabetic Foot Clinic which is the Centre of Excellence for diabetic foot treatment.


Throughout the training, Sani saw many general foot conditions that include skin, nails and musculoskeletal related issues with different complexities. This include understanding the surgical management when dealing with bunions and various surgical foot conditions.


However, as a podiatrist Sani strongly believes in exhausting conservative treatment options before offering surgical options as conservative has lower risk of irreversible side effects and complications. Conservative treatment would include offering medical orthotics, physical and electro-therapy modalities as well as lifestyle modifications.


Being trained in the west, Sani understands the possible concerns in adapting the western health care system into the Asian health care system such as his hometown in Brunei. For this, he occupied his summer breaks working at the only podiatry unit in Brunei to understand and integrate the western based training into the local Asian health care system. This mainly focused on understanding the culture, health care delivery system and identifying difference is cases presentations as weather and humidity have an influence on certain problems especially related to the skin.



Prior to being a part of East Coast Podiatry, Sani was a researcher in an academic university. Through this, he developed an expansive network of experts in dealing with various kinds of foot problems. Through this network, Sani often tap on his network of clinical expert colleagues to discuss and obtain external advice on rare and complex conditions. Sani is a firm believer of the saying, “it is lifetime of learning in medical practice”. Sani also served as clinical tutor at the Leaf Hospital, University of Brighton, UK.


His clinical interests are in rheumatology, podo-paediatrics (children’s feet) and biomechanics of the foot. This interest has led him to carry out post-graduate studies in rheumatology and worked towards his doctoral study in rheumatology podiatry.


In 2015, Sani Kamis was admitted to as a member of the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow. This prestigious award is a recognition of his contribution in the world of podiatry through clinical and research experience. Through this membership, he is able to regularly update his podiatric knowledge, clinical skills, and network with podiatry experts from all over the world.


With passion in promoting healthy feet and the podiatry profession, Sani continues to promote awareness on the importance of maintaining healthy feet through regular foot health assessment by qualified podiatrists. He believes regular foot health check able to minimize irreversible complications such as deformities and disabilities.


From 2008, Sani has been a volunteer for the Special Olympics Asia Pacific (Brunei) under the “Fit-Feet” program to promote proper foot health among children with learning disabilities. This also gave him the confidence and skills in managing people with special needs and understand their associated conditions better.

Louis Loy

Podiatrist Louis | East Coast Podiatry



BSc. Hons. Brighton (UK)

Member of UK HCPC and the Podiatry Association of Singapore


From: Sarawak, Malaysia

Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese

Clinical Interests: Paediatric Cases, Sports Related Injuries, Heel Pain

Speciality: Ingrown Toenail Surgery, Verrucae Warts, Prescription Shoe Insoles for Children

Consults at: Kembangan branch



Louis graduated in Podiatric Medicine from the University of Brighton (UK), with clinical experience in King’s College Hospital London, Surrey Community Hospital and Leaf Hospital Eastbourne. Louis is also one of the pioneer podiatrists of East Coast Podiatry.



After his training in the U.K., Louis moved to Singapore to assume the role of resident podiatrist at Orchard Clinic. During his time at Orchard Clinic, Louis saw mostly paediatric cases for foot and leg alignment issues, his everyday clinical cases encompasses school children from local or expat communities with basic concerns such as flat feet to complex sports injuries.


In 2015 Louis joined East Coast Podiatry and continues his practice in his home ground at ECPC Kembangan branch. Louis is currently a Singaporean PR and plans to settle here in Singapore where he will continue to serve the local community for a very long time. He remains a very sought after foot specialist amongst families in the East Coast region of Singapore.


As an avid athlete, Louis enjoys a fast racquet sport like badminton, which requires good hand-eye coordination coupled with strong footwork on the court. The quick burst of movements and rapid change of directions makes a sport like tennis or badminton a much higher risk of ankle or knee injury. Louis’s clinical interest is the study of prevention and conservative treatment options using Podiatric medicine for sports injuries here in Singapore.


Louis is a strong advocate of sports and fitness training. His interest in sports medicine prompted him to explore many conservative treatment strategies for injured athletes who are trying to avoid eventual surgery.


Sports injuries that Louis treats most commonly are the plantar fasciopathy, achilles tendinopathy and stress fractures.


“Sport is a form of art that requires body and mind coordination, much akin to meditation. Sports done incorrectly can lead to permanent injuries early in life, but done correctly will lead to a long healthy life.”


Paediatric foot conditions that Louis concentrates on include flat feet (pes planus), knock-knees (genu valgum), pigeon toes (metatarsus adductus and/or tibial torsion) and scoliosis (from lower limb influence).


Louis believes that the key to having a healthy child is by being pro-active with the child’s foot-health from young. He emphasises that parents should be attentive to any signs and symptoms related to lower limb conditions while the child is still growing.

Emily Mah

Podiatrist Emily | East Coast Podiatry



BSc. Hons. Southampton (UK)
Member of the U.K. Healthcare Professions Council and Podiatry Association of Singapore


From: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Spoken Languages: English, Malay, Cantonese

Clinical Interests: Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain), Pes Planus (Flat Foot), Hypermobility

Consults at: Orchard branch



Emily is a graduate from the University of Southampton (UK). She was awarded her Bachelors of Science with First Class Honours, and was a proud recipient of the Dean’s List Award for Outstanding Achievement for two consecutive years.



Emily’s extensive training in the U.K. has given her ample experience in public and private healthcare settings. Having gained clinical exposure from different parts of the world, she has treated and observed a wide variety of conditions. This has provided her with a well-balanced understanding of local as well as foreign patient foot-types, and the common ailments which entail. She is well-acquainted with the many Singapore-specific problems of the feet often which arise due to culture, lifestyle, economy and expectations of the populace. Common conditions that Emily sees in her clinic include heel pain, bunions and flat foot of working class professionals.


As a dancer and former competitive gymnast herself, Emily is no stranger to diagnosing and treating injuries relating to dance and sports. Her own athletic experience allows her to tailor individual treatment plans to suit the recreational or the professional athlete. She believes that no one should go about their daily life with pain. She effectively relates to the concerns of the modern-day urbanite, addressing each patient’s ailments and lifestyle choices. Emily advocates that living with nice footwear doesn’t have to be painful, living with beautiful pain-free shoes is possible.


Out of her clinic hours, Emily enjoys recycling, eating healthy, Beethoven’s symphonies, spending the day at the beach, and scuba diving. After stepping out of her regular scrubs, she is often seen in high heels and ballet flats; Emily knows that if fashionable footwear are worn with moderation and the right type of orthotic modifications, many foot problems can be prevented.

Kerry Z. Seaman

Podiatrist Kerry | East Coast Podiatry



BSc (Hons) Glasgow (UK)

Member of UK HCPC, SCPOD and the Podiatry Association of Singapore


From: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Spoken Languages: English, German

Clinical Interests: Biomechanics, Musculoskeletal conditions, Sports injuries and Pain management

Consults at: Novena branch



Kerry received her undergraduate degree from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) in the UK. This entailed 4 years of Podiatric training within NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, private practice in N.Ireland, Republic of Ireland and also had opportunities to practice outside of the UK and Ireland through various volunteering organisations such as GCCN.



She is an advocate of holistic medicine and is very passionate about improving the wellbeing and locomotion of all her patients. She has had great exposure within sports medicine through her brother, representing Ireland and Great Britain in Rowing, and actively working with him and his team to prevent overuse injuries. This has given Kerry a special passion for sports podiatry, dealing with injuries associated with a plethora of sports, including; running, rowing, hockey, badminton, and rugby.


In clinic, she enjoys treating an extensive range of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries and promotes proactive education to informing her patients on their condition and understanding kinematics of the human body.


In 2014, she completed a placement in Dhaka, Bangladesh at the National Centre for the Paralysed (CRP) where she gained insightful experience and exposure in Spinal cord injuries, Clubfoot Ponseti clinic, Poliomyelitis, Paediatrics and Prosthetics/Orthotics. Within this placement, she worked with colleagues at the Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing (GCCN), where she was an advocate for health promotion and multidisciplinary care within the Bengali healthcare community. Kerry has been an active volunteer with the Diabetes Association and Downs Syndrome Association since practising in Singapore from 2016.


Kerry has had placement’s with Ireland’s leading orthotics clinic, Firefly, in 2012, where she gained great insight into advanced biomechanics, sports medicine and orthotic therapy. She has also volunteered as a Podiatrist with the Special Olympics in both Ireland and Singapore, since 2011 within the Healthy Athlete Programme “Fit feet”, and had the opportunity to work at the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow in 2014.


With experience within both NHS and the private sector, Kerry has had excellent exposure to all healthcare settings. She is a member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists in the UK, and a registrant of the Health & Care Professions Council. In 2017, she gained her certificate within shockwave therapy and foot mobilisation & manipulation (FMT) in Perth, Australia.


Kerry finds her role as Podiatrist and lower limb expert very rewarding and uplifting and enjoys overcoming new challenges in her chosen profession through evidence-based practice.

Benedict Khoo

Podiatrist Benedict | East Coast Podiatry



BSc. (Hons). Aust. QUT

Member of the APodA (QLD) and the Podiatry Association of Singapore


From: Singapore

Spoken Languages: English, Mandarin, Hokkien

Consults at: Novena branch & Kembangan branch



Benedict graduated with honours from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. His clinical experience within several Podiatric healthcare settings in Australia, which included both the public sector and as well as several private sectors.



Benedict has a special interest in biomechanics and sports podiatry, particularly injuries sustained by servicemen during National Service. Having served in the Singapore Armed Forces, Benedict understands the high incidence of injuries to the lower limbs related to it. He frequently sees National Servicemen who come into clinic for flat feet and heel pain. He hopes to raise more awareness for these injuries and the preventative measures before the injuries occur.


His clinical interest is in optimising modern therapies which aides in patient’s recovery process, focusing his practice around conservative treatment options with the particular use of Radial and Focal type Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy.


Benedict’s daily patient cases are the everyday people who have various types of feet pain or are flat-footed. He concentrates his treatment methods around intricately designed foot orthoses, shockwave therapy and footwear customisation.


Benedict enjoys having a meal at the local coffee shop. He jogs and plays badminton regularly and he has a special interest in Archery and Badminton.


Benedict remains a licensed and registered clinician with the Podiatry Board of Australia, the Podiatry Association in Queensland, Australia and the Podiatry Association of Singapore.

Ari Tria Dzulkifle

Podiatrist Ari | East Coast Podiatry


Senior Podiatrist

Acute Care Team at Singapore Diabetic Foot Centre
BSc. Hons. Cardiff (UK)
Member of the U.K. Healthcare Professions Council and SCPOD


From: Brunei

Spoken Languages: English, Malay
Clinical Interests: Diabetic wound care, Geriatric foot care

Consults at: Orchard branch & Novena branch



Ari is a licensed and registered podiatrist, graduated from the Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. For almost a decade Ari served as a podiatrist at the main specialist referral hospital in Brunei for before moving to Singapore. Ari Tria was one of the first four pioneer podiatrists in Brunei, she was fortunate to have had the opportunity to help shape and develop the podiatry profession in her country.



During her time in the main specialist referral hospital in Brunei, working closely with orthopaedic surgeons, endocrinologists and geriatric specialists, Ari handled daily complex cases such as leg and foot wound management related to diabetic complications. Ari also maintains a special interest in the management of high-risk patient care, including patients with rheumatoid arthritis and other underlying chronic conditions.


Over her 10 years of clinical experience, Ari is familiar with various podiatric clinical settings, including the U.K. NHS clinical environment during her pre-registration clinical training. In the UK, Ari spent the majority of her clinical training within the Welsh NHS Heath Hospital, Cardiff. In Brunei, Ari held both clinical and senior administrative roles at the Ministry of Health Brunei.


Apart of being responsible with the supervision of undergraduate podiatry students in the Bruneian Hospital, Ari has lectured to post-graduate medical doctors, nurses, and other allied health professionals on foot and ankle management.


Being a keen health educator, Ari was often invited to radio and TV talk shows educating the public on general foot health. Ari regularly contributed her time and skills as a volunteer-podiatrist for the Special Olympics Asia Pacific (Brunei) under the “Fit-Feet” programme, to promote proper foot health among children with learning disabilities. Now as a Senior clinician with East Coast Podiatry in Singapore, Ari pursues her dream of co-pioneering a diabetic foot care service of world class standards.


“Amputations caused by diabetes can be prevented through dedicated, professional and specialised care”

Afnan Al Maskari


BSc. Hons. Cardiff (UK)

Member of the U.K. Healthcare Professions Council


From: Oman

Spoken Languages: English, Arabic

Clinical Interests: Diabetic foot management, Children’s feet pathologies

Consults at: Orchard branch



Afnan is a registered podiatrists, graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK) with a first class honours degree in podiatry and was a proud recipient of the TalarMade award of endeavour in Podiatry.



Afnan has experienced both NHS and private podiatry clinical settings throughout her undergraduate studies. Her exposure to wound and diabetic foot care in the UK and the Middle East has given her the interest to develop her podiatric knowledge and abilities to help developing interventions and raise awareness to the public.


She has completed her pre-registration clinical training within the welsh national health service board (UK), experiencing different aspects of podiatry especially the diabetic foot, by providing comprehensive diabetic foot assessment and routine care for high risk patients, this has proven her belief that podiatric care plays a significant role in decreasing the risk of diabetic foot complications leading to lower rate of amputation.


Afnan remains interested in providing evidence based non-invasive clinical treatments for the use of both diabetic wound healing and musculoskeletal conditions as plantar fasciitis.


Paediatric Podiatry, is also an area of her interest, as she believe that no child should have to suffer foot pain or discomfort. Early diagnosis of foot pathologies such as flat feet and hyper-mobility conditions, may prevent and correct future foot complications, by providing podiatric conservative interventions such as custom foot orthoses.


Afnan enjoys patient contact and her experience in dealing with patients from different backgrounds, made her enjoy challenging cases. She believes that every patient is a challenge, and that’s what makes podiatry more enjoyable and a very rewarding profession, aiming towards improving patients’ quality of life.