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Customised Foot Orthotics – Medical Grade Shoe Insoles

Custom foot orthoses are medical-grade, orthotic insoles designed by podiatrists, taking into consideration many factors before issuing. They are not one-size-fits-all, and should be worn as part of an individualised rehabilitation or treatment plan. There must be a clear reason as to why you are wearing orthotics.


Orthotics are contoured inserts which treat a variety of structural problems of the human body by adjusting the lower extremities’ natural alignment during stance and motion. You can utilise insoles for plantar fasciitis, flat feet arch support, certain foot pains, and more. They were first created more than 150 years ago as medical devices by chiropodists (early podiatrists) and medical doctors.

Why you should see a podiatrist for orthotics:

  • They are specialists of the foot
  • Podiatrists understand your medical conditions and how they impact your feet
  • A full biomechanical assessment is undertaken to address all causes of lower limb abnormality
  • Orthotics should be customised to suit your lifestyle and footwear and the Podiatrists have the experience to accommodate this need
  • Podiatrists prevent future foot, ankle and knee problems (and further up the kinetic chain)
  • Orthotics are medical products and should be designed by those with medical training

What is the difference with those sold by unqualified non-healthcare professionals?

Custom-made orthotic insoles are strictly medical devices in most developed countries; they require professional prescription and design, targeting the patient’s specific biomechanics.  Healthcare professionals such as podiatrists spend many years in school learning about the human anatomy and biomechanics.  Podiatrists also have years of experience in hospitals or clinics treating patients.


A pair of inappropriately-designed insoles can cause a patient even greater pain and disability.  Patients who bought non-medical “custom insoles” in mall shops often end up at a podiatrist’s clinic complaining of unhelpful shoe inserts, which they use only some of the time.

Why come to us for shoe insoles in Singapore?

Our podiatrists are foot specialists adhering to strict medical standards and ethics.  Their expertise with orthotic insoles means they can make insoles fit into your lifestyle and keep your feet in good health without asking you to always wear bulky or unfashionable orthopaedic shoes.

If the treatment plan for your foot problem involves custom foot orthoses, you will receive:

  • a comprehensive musculoskeletal exam of the lower extremities,
  • 3D digital scanning of your feet,
  • postural and gait analysis.

This is necessary in order to design your custom foot orthoses to the highest standard.

Our custom foot orthoses is a pillar of our commitment to patient care. We guarantee your orthoses from material defects and gross design mistakes, and will spare no expense at ensuring our quality.  Our process includes regular follow-up appointments reserved for you, to monitor the long-term treatment outcome with your orthotic devices.

There are 4 main types of orthotics:

  • Accommodative
  • Functional
  • Specialized
  • Diabetic

Activities which can benefit from orthotics:

  • Recreational and competitive running
  • Walking, Hiking and Mountaineering
  • Cycling (road, mountain and recreational)
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Tennis and Badminton
  • Basketball and Netball
  • Dancing (ballet, ballroom and Latin, line, modern, Chinese)
  • Figure, Inline, and Ice skating
  • Diabetic
  • Day-to-day comfort
  • Paediatric from the age of 12 months to 16 years
  • High heels and fashion shoes

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