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Specialist of Ingrown Toenail by Singapore Podiatrists

Specialists for Ingrown Toenail 

Podiatrists focus on removing the offending borders of the toenail with minimally invasive technique so as to achieve best results.


When the edges of a nail become embedded under the skin, causing pain, inflammation, and even infection, you need a foot doctor for ingrown toenails. If inadequately treated, they can recur again and again, and never truly go away. Oral antibiotics alone do not provide a cure.


Do you suspect that your toenail is in growing?  It may be because of an involuted (curved) nail shape, abnormal soft tissue growth, or a nail plate which is too wide for the nail bed.  There may be other, more serious conditions such as an underlying bone tumor.

Experienced Foot Doctor for Ingrown Toenails?

Podiatrists have abundant experience treating nail conditions. For uninfected ingrown nails that aren’t as severe, podiatrists can resolve them immediately as painlessly as possible in clinic. For infected or severe cases, the problem can be resolved permanently with a safe and minor surgical avulsion procedure.



Ingrown toenail treatment in Singapore

A typical in-clinic procedure may take up to 10 – 30 minutes.
A surgical procedure in the operating room generally takes about an hour.


Patients will be able to walk home and go about their normal day with normal activities that does not apply too much pressure on the toes. Patients are advised to keep the wound dry over the first three days and. Full recovery could range from 3 days to 3 weeks. Surgery done carefully and delicately is key for the patient to feel no pain after the procedure and getting the toe to heal nicely.


Nail surgery performed with care is key for minimising post-operative pain and optimising wound healing.

The Podiatric Method

  • Delicate Surgical Technique
  • Without the need for Stitches
  • Quick Recovery within days
  • 3% Possibility of Regrowth
  • Minimal Pain
  • Aesthetically Good Results

Podiatrists specialise in small toenail procedures, performing it as delicately as possible. With minimally invasive technique we are able to go in small and remove quickly with as little damage as possible, thus the healing process is also faster.


Please consult with our Podiatrist to find out if you are suitable for this procedure as restrictions may apply depending on the status of your health.


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