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Heels and Podiatry

Women love heels. Even as a podiatrist (lower limb healthcare specialist), I love heels. Heels empower women, simple and sweet.


Way back in podiatry school, the first thing I was taught about shoes was that all high heels are terrible. But are they really? My professors were middle-aged men; did they understand heels as intimately as I do? Would my professors have appreciated how some heels are actually more comfortable than the generic casual shoe?


The truth is, all shoes can cause foot problems. Even sports shoes can give the wearer foot pain, if the shoe was poorly designed or simply inappropriate for the wearer’s foot type.


While it is true that high heels can exacerbate certain foot conditions such as bunions, they are not the universal health blight upon women’s feet which men insist they are. Like their sports cars, our heels simply demand more from us for the privilege of moving in them. So how do we manage our heels time vs comfort time?


The journey to and from work should be comfortable; wear mary jane style flats or sports shoes. In the work setting, my patients often remain in comfortable shoes unless they are going for meetings or lunch.


Professionals often carry a pair of heels with them most of the time, leaving them in the car or office. This makes their outfit flexible and comfortable, easy to change and adapt to their hectic schedules.


Heels and Foot Pain?

Foot pain is your body’s signal that you may have injured or overworked the structures of your feet. When in doubt, avoid wearing heels for the recovery period; heels are a throne meant for strong and healthy feet. To relieve injured tissue, wear comfortable-fitting mary jane style shoes or wide shock-absorbent sports shoes for a few days to weeks. The length of the recovery period depends on the injury sustained, and the treatment you seek out.


The lady podiatrists of East Coast Podiatry Centre frequently wear heels and will alternate their usage in a healthy manner, balancing heels with sports shoes and casual shoes. Come visit us for shoe advice, from women to women.