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Bride Stripped Bare – Did You Forget Your Feet?

Dawning the title of a “bride” is a lady’s most special moment. Everything is meticulously designed and coordinated; even from the colour of table napkins to the bride’s dress and all the way down to her shoes. A pair of shoes are rarely seen underneath the satin, tulle or lace of the gown but every bride still pays close attention to this final puzzle piece of her wedding ensemble. Ladies take this day very seriously and rightfully so, as it rarely happens more than once.


Bride or not, Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes and a beautiful set of feet can change your life. To all the princesses, brides and brides-to-be; do not forget your feet.



Unsightly bunions should be addressed anywhere from 1 month to 10 years before your magical day. These are bone and joint deformities that can cause significant pain, stopping you from wearing the beautiful Manolo Blahniks you’ve been eyeing for years – you just know they’ll match your wedding gown to the tee! Bunions with heels may even make you appear clumsy as they alter your gait, pushing you off balance.


Bunion care ranges from simple advice and clinical treatment to reduce the pain, and all the way to corrective surgery. Education and information regarding your condition is key. Women should make a decision to treat or prevent this pathology in the soonest possible time as bunions are for life, as is marriage.



Beautiful pedicures are done simply to dress up your toes or to cover your unsightly nails. If there is an underlying nail condition, a pedicure may only go so far to help or it can even worsen the problem. Fungal nails are thick, crumbly and sometimes malodorous. Potentially, trauma to the nail can cause a dark, black-ish discolouration, or even an ingrown toenail which is often very painful and susceptible to infection. Beautiful, healthy nails are a must for all brides!


Nail problems can be addressed even the week before the wedding, though it is more advisable to seek early intervention. They often take a long time to resolve and fungal nail infections can be very stubborn to treat.



Think beach wedding or the Chinese wedding tea ceremony in your groom’s home. These venues call for barefoot moments and snapshots. Revealing dry, flaking skin with large callouses across the foot is often embarrassing – as if enough of the spotlight isn’t already on the bride!


Tackling the corns and callus won’t only make you look better but you will also feel better after having taken away all the thickened and painful hard skin, formed at these high-pressure areas.



A fairy-tale of a day is possible with the perfect pair of shoes. As a podiatrist, I would advise wearing comfortable, elegant and well-fitted shoes that will make each step feel as if you were walking on clouds. I am adamant that Cinderella’s glass shoes were pretty but not all that comfortable. Shoes for your wedding day should follow your style and suit you best.


“Wear a pair of heels that will make you walk tall, confident and proud. Avoid the ones which make you waddle like a duck.”


Aches, pains and fractures of the feet can be avoided by finding the right fit – just like prince charming; he/they are out there somewhere! – and kicking them off under the wedding dinner table when you finally have the chance to sit and relax your feet.


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Author: Senior Podiatrist Georgina CALLAGHAN-TAY

Editor: Podiatrist Benedict KHOO