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March 2017

Children Walking Barefooted

Barefoot walking is a complex topic. This article will address the root and sole of the subject. Many raise this question: Is barefoot walking okay for my child?   Children’s soft..

Musculoskeletal Georgina Tay
February 2017

Bride Stripped Bare – Did You Forget Your Feet?

December 2016

Heels and Podiatry

Women love heels. Even as a podiatrist (lower limb healthcare specialist), I love heels. Heels empower women, simple and..

September 2016

Ingrown Toenails During Pregnancy

  Podiatrist Georgina Callaghan speaks about mummies-to-be who suffer from toenail problems during pregnancy.   To top off all..

August 2016

Foot pain stopping you from catching Pokemon?

  Back in 1996 parents were telling children to “Stop playing Pokemon and go outside!”, now in 2016 children..