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Foot pain stopping you from catching Pokemon?


Back in 1996 parents were telling children to “Stop playing Pokemon and go outside!”, now in 2016 children are being told to “Stop playing Pokemon and come inside! “.


Suddenly, people have jumped off their seats to walk around Singapore searching for Pokemon. Fantastic! except for one small problem… Foot pain.


Adults and children who aren’t used to exercise or walking around much are experiencing foot, ankle, knee and back aches due to the sudden spike in activity.


No one can deny that the exercise which ‘Pokemon Go’ encourages is excellent for health. Players aim to catch the most and the rarest Pokemon, but our aim is to keep you healthy and pain-free, ensuring you can go out there and catch ‘em all.



Running after Pokemon while you are wearing slippers is an accident waiting to happen. It is best to wear supportive sports shoes suitable for your foot type.

  • – The slipper may break or come off injuring your foot.
  • – Slippers cause your toes to grip un-naturally leading to overuse of muscles or tendons.
  • – Sports shoes provide cushioning, reducing shock to your joints.
  • – Supportive footwear ensure you are more balanced as forces are redistributed.
  • – Laces secure your shoes to your feet; so less risk of repetitive stress injury.

Niggling Discomfort or Pain

If you are experiencing foot pain don’t try and second-guess what the pain is. Pain caused by an injury should be examined immediately. Pain that’s not resolving after 3 days should also be attended to, preferably by a lower limb specialist.


Before seeing your specialist try the following to reduce the pain:

  1. 1. Rest, ice and elevate the painful area.
  2. 2. Take note if there is swelling or bruising.
  3. 3. Assess if the pain occurred suddenly or gradually.
  4. 4. Did you fall, slip, or injure the foot? (sprain/fracture)
  5. 5. Change to sports shoes if you are wearing slippers or unsupportive footwear.

Pokemon evolve, but your feet cannot. Therefore, any injury you sustain from bad habits may become recurrent, and not able to resolve on its own. Ordinarily feet take extended periods of time to heal, which can take you out of the game for lengthy periods. Prompt treatment can prevent a small injury from becoming a chronic one.


“Walking is man’s best medicine” – Hippocrates of Kos

Author: Podiatrist, Georgina J. Callaghan
East Coast Podiatry Centres